Well Visits

Good health care for newborns, infants, children, and adolescents begins with the well child visit (check-up) and other services that help keep children healthy. These are preventive services based on a plan called Bright Futures. The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) made this plan to help doctors and families know what preventive services children should receive from birth to 18 years of age, such as vaccines, screening tests, and advice about staying healthy and safe.

To schedule a well child visit for ages 2-18, we recommend that you call 3 months in advance so you may choose the date, time and physician that best fit your needs. Children under age 2 are scheduled when in the office at check-out. During a well child visit, you can expect:
  • Evaluation of growth and development
  • Discussion of safety, nutrition, fitness, behavior, school, relationships with peers, day-to-day family life, etc.
  • A physical examination
  • A chance to ask questions
  • Developmental screenings (see below for visits at which these are done)
  • Age-appropriate medical screening tests, i.e. hearing, vision, hemoglobin (see below for visits at which these are done)
  • Age-appropriate immunizations

Our schedule for well child visits:

3-7 days (newborn) 6 years
2 weeks 7 years
2 months 8 years
4 months 9 years
6 months 10 years
9 months 11 years
12 months 12 years
15 months 13 years
18 months 14 years
2 years 15 years
2½ years (30 months) 16 years
3 years 17 years
4 years 18 years
5 years  

All of JDC's patients deserve the best care possible, so our phyisicans will perform all services and screenings recommended for your child's age group, regardless of insurance coverage. While many insurance plans do cover these screenings without any cost to families, there are plans which do not pay in full for some. JDC feels the benefits of these screenings outweigh the minimal cost some families may need to pay out of pocket. JDC Pediatrics has been recognized as "Simply the Best" Pediatrician in the Harrisburg area for 18 years in a row. Our intent is to continue to provide exceptional care based on the highest standards of the American Academy of Pediatrics, which includes these screenings. Read our Financial Policy under "SCHEDULING" to learn about implied consent when scheduling appointments.

Following are services and screenings that are performed at well visits by age. We have provided the procedure codes so that you may check with your insurance plan ahead of time and be informed as to your plan's coverage:

2 week, 2 month, 4 month:  MDS (maternal depression screen)
6 month:  MDS, Fluoride if tooth eruption has occurred
9 month:  PEDS (developmental screen), Fluoride
12 month:  HGB (hemoglobin), Fluoride
15 month:  Fluoride
18 month:  MCHAT (autism screen), PEDS, Fluoride
2 year:  MCHAT, Fluoride
2 1/2 year:  PEDS, Fluoride
3 year:  Fluoride
4 year:  Audio & Vision screens, Fluoride if no dentist
5 year:  Audio & Vision
6 year, 8 year:  Audio & Vision
9 year:  Cholesterol screen
10 year:  Audio & Vision
12 year:  Audio & Vision, Depression screen
13 year:  Depression
14 year:  Depression, CRAFFT (tobacco/alcohol/drug screen)
15 year:  Audio & Vision, Depression, CRAFFT, HGB
16 year, 17 year:  Depression, CRAFFT
18 year:  Audio & Vision, Depression, CRAFFT

CPT codes: Audio 92551; CRAFFT 96160; Cholesterol 83718, 82465, 36416; Depression (adolescent) 96127; Fluoride 99188; HGB 85018; MCHAT 96110; MDS (maternal depression) 96161; PEDS 96110; Vision 99173

Other services at a well visit:

There may be times when a child needs a service that is not considered preventive on the same day as a well child visit. If a child is not well or a problem is found or needs to be addressed during the check-up, the physician may need to provide an additional office visit service (called a sick visit) to care for the child. This is a different service and is billed to your health plan in addition to the preventive services provided on that day. Certain circumstances may require you to schedule a separate appointment for these types of issues. If you have a co-payment for office visits, it must be paid at the time of service. Any coinsurances or deductibles must be paid upon receipt of the first statement. Some services that may be provided and billed in addition to preventive services include:
  • The doctor’s work to address more than a minor problem, which will be billed as an office visit (e.g., if the doctor gives a prescription, orders tests, or changes care for a known problem)
  • Medical treatments (e.g., breathing treatments or wart treatments)
  • Any surgery (e.g., removing splinters or something the child put in his ear or nose)
  • Tests performed in the office that are not included in the Bright Futures plan
  • Discussion of oral contraceptives
Our office does not want you to be surprised by a bill but must always bill your health plan based on the actual services provided. Please feel free to ask questions about services that may not be paid in full by your health plan on the day of your visit.

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