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You must be a current patient of JDC Pediatrics to use this feature. If you are a new patient (transferring from another practice), click here to find out what you need to do to join our practice. If you are expecting your first baby, click here

This scheduling option is only for well visits, form completion appointments, and flu/COVID vaccine appointments. Flu vaccine appointments may only be scheduled during certain times of the year using this option (usually fall and winter months); if the feature indicates no appointments available, you may still be able to schedule a flu vaccine by calling our office. 

Sick or injury visits may only be scheduled by calling our office.

Appointments will display for approximately three months out using this feature. Well visits, form visits and flu/COVID vaccines, along with other types of appointments (i.e. med checks) may also be scheduled by logging in to your patient portal account. If you cannot find a suitable appointment, feel free to call our office for more options.

Click on this link to schedule your child's well visit, form completion appointment, flu vaccine or COVID vaccine appointment:

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