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A Familiar Face is Missing

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Some of our patients and parents may notice that a familiar face is missing from our office. That is because Patrice (Pat) Williams retired at the end of 2017 after a 45-year career with JDC Pediatrics. Pat has been with us long enough to have seen three generations of patients come through our doors! We will miss her and her wealth of knowledge and experience in caring for our patients as a medical assistant. Here are some of her “JDC memories”:
It was January 1973 when I began my medical assistant career with three physicians: Drs. Jones, Daly and McLinn, the practice that would eventually become JDC Pediatrics. One memorable aspect of my experience working at JDC was the interest Dr. Jones (now retired) had in providing care for CF (cystic fibrosis) patients—there was no local clinic for these children to obtain specialized care and he provided that by opening a clinic at (then) Polyclinic Hospital (now UPMC Pinnacle). And when the clinic was not open, our office became their primary provider for care. 

I was also impressed when Dr. Coldren (also now retired) developed an interest in working with our Type I diabetes patients, and provided bi-annual visits in the office to those patients in order to monitor them more closely. Prior to his retirement, I had assisted Dr. Coldren for several years as the “diabetic nurse” in the office, coordinating outpatient testing, scheduling appointments, and following through on phone calls to and from the families between appointments. During this time, I began volunteering at the Keystone Diabetic Kids Camp, and I continue to do this every summer.

I have seen many changes over the years at JDC: office relocations, staff changes, doctors retiring and new ones joining us. But the one thing that has NOT changed is the dedication, knowledge, talent, and caring that each physician displays day after day, providing their patients with the best health care possible, and assisting their families in providing a healthy environment—both physically and mentally.

I am grateful to have worked with physicians who have high medical and ethical standards and are well respected by their peers in the greater Harrisburg area. I will miss the camaraderie with the physicians and staff members while working toward our common purpose. But mostly, I will miss the conversations with the children who are so innocent and honest as they experience life, and the adolescents who are traveling into adulthood.

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